The Four Wheels that Drive CWCI Africa

The four keys strategies that run Christian Worship Center International visions

Armor Bearer: is our building code, to build the body of Christ. Pastoral candidates and evangelistic workers go through our intensive discipleship training that prepares them to effectively evangelize among the tribal unreached people groups of their formal religions background. The couples are thoroughly equipped to make disciples effectively, no matter how dangerous or difficult the circumstances.

SEED: Sacrifice Evangelism Empowering Discipleship Upon completion of training, Pastors and Evangelist move into the mission field to sow the SEED, which is the word of God into hungry hearts and plant new churches. This is the evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting facet of CWC “A seed unplanted is not a tree and yield no fruit, though all those potentials are inherent in its genes”.

CARE: Carrying Aid Relief for the Ensnared serves to bring humanitarian aid to people who are suffering from physically agonizing situations. This ministry spans from caring for the sick, to feeding refugees, meeting educational and crucial physical needs of the needy West Africa.

FAME: Fellowship Accountability and Ministry Evaluation. This aspect of our ministry annually brings together leaders for a period of refreshing fellowship and evaluation of our efficiency and effectiveness. The goal is to achieve full accountability with ultimate commitment to the Lord’s command so that we will do all things decently and in order (1Cor 14:40.).